Dec 11, 2017

Arrival: nerosunero (mario sughi) at the LexIcon Gallery

dlr LexIcon, Municipal Gallery
8 Dec 2017 - 21 January 2018
Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin

Mario Sughi aka Nerosunero on Italish Magazine

Maria Grazia Mati, Mario Sughi at Drogheda, Italish Magazine (Dublin, 6 Nov 2017)

Oct 18, 2017

Sep 26, 2017

A Heron

A digital bird, made in Clip Studio Paint.

Clay Matthews- Caricature Print

 Clay Matthews Caricature Print  

Now Available!

$17.00 USD, includes postal delivery to the USA.

Image is 8.5x11 inches printed on cardstock quality paper.
DM for information.

Dec 15, 2016

mario sughi aka nerosunero @ Creative Boom

Bright, Pop Art inspired digital paintings of people in public and private by Mario Sughi aka nerosunero
written by Katy Cowan
Creative Boom / in Inspiration / Art   (Manchester, UK, 13th December 2016) 

Dec 13, 2016

Oct 13, 2016

Switching to Dimensional Illustration

I am finally back to work! It has been a long time, had to take some leave until my second kid went to nursery school. In the time away I continued playing with my two favorite mediums, watercolors and sculpey. The time away was good. It helped me focus on what my longer term plan was. Here are the results. Hope you enjoy.